There are a plethora of benefits of owning a louvred pergola. You can put anything you like under it!

Unique Pergolas stock both automatic and manual louvred pergolas which provide a water-tight seal. Entertaining during the evening is also taken care of with our cleverly designed, built-in soft LED lighting.

Here is our list of popular uses for your Unique Pergola to help you discover the many possibilities for enhancing your outdoor space.

Lounge / Retreat

Outdoor Seating area

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill

Yoga / Zen Den 

Playroom for Young Children 

Added Workspace

Relaxing Hammock or Swing

Undercover Potted Garden Oasis


Outdoor Bar

Mini dance floor

Outdoor Entertainment System


Treat yourself so you can begin experiencing the many benefits of a versatile, inviting, sheltered, outdoor space with a Unique louvred pergola from our Geelong based company.

Embrace your creativity and start planning the perfect set-up to ensure your outdoor living area is something special.

You will be amazed at just how much joy it will bring you and your family.