Unique louvered DIY pergolas provide a low-maintenance modern addition to
your outdoor space. They add instant shade against the intense summer sun
while also providing shelter from the rain in our unpredictable Geelong and
Victorian weather. Our unique pergolas are an elegant extension to your home
and seamlessly bridge the transition from indoors to out. In fact, you could
consider it like adding another room to your house.
DIY pergolas look great and provide extra outdoor shelter. They are a practical
way to provide protection for people and furnishings from our harsh weather
Unlike the old fashioned, high maintenance wooden pergolas of the past, our
Unique Pergolas offer a modern louvred look, are low maintenance and are
available in various sizes and colours.
Our Unique Pergolas are the best pergolas on the market today and are made
of durable, easy-care powder-coated aluminium. Pergolas with motorised
louvres which open and close with the press of a button, are becoming
increasingly popular – perfect for the Surfcoast, Bellarine or Southern Australian
Unique Pergolas come with a clever, extra feature of LED lighting and privacy
blinds can also be added.

Pros of Pergola
Here are some advantages of pergolas:
 Pergolas come in a variety of sizes and colours.
 They provide a extra space for your outdoor activities.
 The materials used to make our pergolas are readily available, making our
product quite affordable.
 Pergolas are simple structures and can be easily built in a few hours with 2-3
 Unique pergolas are made of durable materials, making them weather
resistant with very little maintenance required.
 DIY pergola kits with all the necessary materials and installation video’s to
assist you to make erecting a Unique Pergola the ultimate DIY project that
you can have fun putting together.

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